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Saving Money in the Workplace.

March 19, 2020

You go to work so you can pay your bills and live your life, but it can also be where you spend a lot of your hard-earned wage. There’s numerous things you can do to help cut down your expenses in the workplace. Some are easy sacrifices and others require a bit of effort, but keep your mind focused on what you’ll be treating yourself to at the end of the month with the money that you save at work!

Take packed lunches to work.

Grabbing lunch from a nearby café is quick and convenient, but it can also be costly if it’s a daily occurrence. A small amount of effort will need to go into making a packed lunch, but your bank account will thank you. Your homemade lunch will probably be healthier too!

Is a monthly pass cheaper than several weekly passes on public transport?

Are you buying 4-5 weekly tickets to get you to and from work each month? It could work out cheaper to get 1 monthly pass instead. For many services, whether it’s bus, train or tram, passengers can do their usual commute at a discounted price!

Is public transport cheaper than driving?

You’ve just finished work and the only thing on your mind is getting home and relaxing. But, rush hour. Your usual 30-minute journey is taking over an hour. It’s costing your time, and money in fuel. It’s time to think about whether driving is the best option for you and your route, or if commuting by public transport is more cost-effective. Catching the train can reduce fuel costs, avoid parking fees at work, and your new direct route will avoid all traffic!

Avoid small expenses

Do you really need that coffee and bacon butty on the way to work? That £3 per day doesn’t seem a lot but it sure adds up as throughout the month, it’ll set you back around £60! Cut out your small expenses and you’ll notice the difference in just a few days.

Company discounts

Some companies, such as the NHS, will support other businesses which can lead to offering employees a discount if they provide proof of employment, like your ID pass. Perhaps you didn’t have time to make your packed lunch for today so you have to buy lunch, try to benefit from these offers.

Don’t take your money to work

You’re taking packed lunches to work and you’ve cut out your small expenses, so you have no use for your bank card or cash. If you know you need to pop in the shop on your way home, restrict yourself from spending throughout the day.

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